Vision and Mission

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College Vision 2030:

Leadership and excellence in applied medical sciences and building an effective community partnership.



College Mission 2030:

Delivering distinguished education in applied medical sciences to improve health services through conducting outstanding scientific research, providing an advanced academic and administrative environment, and building an effective strategic partnership.


  1. Core values

    • Quality and Perfection
    • Teamwork
    • Equality and Fairness
    • Transparency and Accountability
    • Community Responsibility and Partnership

    To achieve the college’s vision and mission of future ambitions and aspirations, seven main strategic goals were identified as follows:

    1. Providing distinguished academic programs that meet the needs of community and the labor market in consistence with national and international quality and academic accreditation standards.
    2. Enhancing the efficiency of the teaching staff and their equivalents and attracting distinguished teaching staff.
    3. Preparing graduates with a high degree of knowledge and skill able to compete in the labor market nationally and internationally.
    4. Providing a motivating academic and administrative environment to raise the efficiency of the programs offered to students and scientific research.
    5. Promoting effective community participation in serving the local community.
    6. Creating graduate programs with developing and raising the productivity of scientific research to serve the labor market and the local community.
    7. Establishing an effective partnership with distinguished educational and research institutions nationally and globally.


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