Vision and Mission

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 Excellence in teaching applied medical sciences and building effective community partnership.


We, as College of Applied Medical Sciences at Wadi Al Dawaser are working on preparing and qualifying distinguished graduates in the fields of applied medical sciences who are able to upgrade health services and compete locally, regionally and internationally and contribute to the development of society through conducting outstanding scientific research in a distinguished academic and administrative environment.

  1. To qualify graduates who are committed to apply Islamic values and professional standards in practicing applied medical sciences.
  2. Offering distinguished academic programs in the field of applied medical sciences in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation locally and internationally.
  3. Preparation of graduates with a high degree of knowledge, skills and ethics of the profession and able to think critically and creativity in the fields of applied medical sciences.
  4. Provide a distinct environment for teaching staff and students to encourage conducting scientific research.
  5. Effective participation in local community service.
  6. Establish postgraduate programs for college graduates and researchers.
  7. Holding effective partnerships with distinguished educational and research institutions locally and internationally.


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